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STING is delighted to announce the world’s first conference on Computer-Assisted Literary Translation (CALT) at Swansea University on 11-13 May 2021.

Full details at: https://calt2021conference.wordpress.com/

Supported by Swansea’s Language Research Centre.

Previous CALT events:

First CALT workshop: 25-26 January 2019.

Keynote speaker Dorothy Kenny, Professor in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies at Dublin City University, editor of Human Issues in Translation Technology (Routledge, 2017); see also. She will speak in Swansea on: “Corpora, Machines and Literary Translation. A Guided Tour”.

Here you can find the programme of the January workshop in Swansea.

Second CALT workshop: 29-30 May 2019.

Keynote speaker Andy Way, Professor in Computing at Dublin City University, editor of Machine Translation journal, co-author of recent studies on Neural Machine Translation performance with literary texts. His title: “Machine Translation and Literary Translation”.

Here you can find the programme of the May 29-30 workshop and the book of abstracts.

The events are co-funded by OWRI/IMLR, and Swansea University’s Language Research Centre.


Literary translators tend to resist using the systems which dominate the lives of most other professional translators: CAT tools, translation memories (TM), termbases, machine translation engines (MT). However, some researchers now argue that certain TM/MT tools can usefully be ‘hacked’ by literary translators for their own purposes, and also that certain other digital tools, developed for text and corpus analysis purposes, have value for literary translators. These include SketchEngine (language corpus research system), Stanford CoreNLP (natural language processing toolsuite), Voyant Tools (text analysis visualisation platform),  CATMA (Computer Assisted Textual Markup and Analysis), or VVV (Version Variation Visualisation platform, developed at Swansea), and others.

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