Press cuttings

‘Lack of foreign language skills puts prosperity in jeopardy’, Western Mail (10 February 2011)

‘Welsh Business: An Island in a Principality on an Island’, Suite 101 (15 November 2010)

‘Welsh firms should become more language aware’, Institute of Welsh Affairs (13 November 2010)

‘Fees will be as intolerable as the violence at student demo’, Western Mail (13 November 2010).

Coverage of John le Carre’s support for the campaign on BBC online, in The Western Mail and in the Evening Post. 1-2 November 2010.

‘Nobel Prize writers attack cuts in modern languages’ (Western Mail, 4 October 2010)

Wales Today: What’s Happening to Small Businesses? (Suite 101, Sept 16 2010) (section headed ‘Wales, Export and Modern Languages’)

‘Warning over university’s rethink of its modern languages provision’ (Western Mail, Sept 9 2010)

‘Row as language jobs axed’ (Western Mail, Sept 7 2010)

‘Swansea University plans to halve number of modern languages academics’ (Western Mail, Sept 3 2010)

‘Voices raised as tongues silenced’ (Times Higher Education, Sept 2 2010)

Vice Chancellor Richard Davies on the crisis for universities (Western Mail, Jan 7 2010)


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