Dr Salwa El-Awa

Swansea University’s first Lecturer in Arabic, Dr Salwa El-Awa is a high profile specialist in the language of the Quran, and in practical approaches to jihad-linked terrorism. A paper she co-authored with Basia Spalek (Professor of Conflict Transformation, Derby) on ‘The Role of Community Engagement and the Practical Role of Moderate and Non-violent Extremist Movements in Combating Jihadist Terrorism’ fed into important discussion at the first Co-JiT conference (National Conversation on Countering Jihad-linked Terrorism) in London. Papers will be published next year.

Co-Jit photo 1- SEBS panel

Salwa will be presenting a paper from her research in Quranic linguistics, on ‘Discourse Markers as Indicators of Text and Structure in the Multiple-topic Qur’anic Suras: A Meta-analysis of Q.2’, at the 10th bi-annual Qur’an conference at SOAS (University of London) in November. Later that month she will be in Istanbul to participate in the Second International Congress on Religious-Spiritual Counselling and Care with a paper (again co-authored with Professor Spalek) titled: ‘Working Spiritually and Religiously with Extremists, Within and Outside of Prison Settings.’

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Works at Swansea University (Wales, UK). Committee member of Wales PEN Cymru. Publisher: Hafan Books (www.lulu.com/hafan). Translator of fiction and poetry from French and German. Researcher and teacher in languages and literatures.
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