Swansea language students are winners in British Council Erasmus Competition

Two final year Swansea University students from the Department of Languages, Translation and Media are celebrating being placed in the top 10 of the 2011 British Council Erasmus Competition.

Szymon Parzniewski and David Lewis are both winners in the ‘student essay’ category, writing on the subject of ‘My Erasmus Experience’. Each took up the challenge of describing the experience and benefits of their year abroad in Germany in a thousand words.

Image courtesy of The British Council

Szymon, a student of International Relations with German, spent a semester studying in Bamberg before taking up a work placement with Bosch near Stuttgart. For him, ‘the combination of a study placement followed by a work placement was a brilliant idea’ and the ‘extensive package of international know-how’ acquired during the year ‘is something that will surely give me a different standing on the job market’. Click here to read Szymon’s essay in full.

David, who studies Law and German, was a student at Mannheim University, and described the impact of the year abroad as being ‘wide-ranging – socially, academically and linguistically. It has taught me the true meaning of independence and self-sufficiency; the prospect of spending ten months in a foreign country was somewhat daunting to begin with but it soon became apparent that it would encourage me to develop these invaluable skills, which will assist in my later life and career’. Click here to read David’s essay in full.

Congratulations to Szymon and David on this fantastic achievement from everyone in the Department of Languages, Translation and Media!

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