Veritas Language Solutions, a company set up by two Swansea University Languages graduates, has reached the national final of the HSBC  Start-up Stars Awards.

BA Translation students Sharon Stephens and Rachel Bryan graduated with Firsts in June 2009, and immediately set up their own language services company. Based initially in Sharon’s home, then in a borrowed room at the university, Veritas now has offices in Swansea’s chic Maritime Quarter. In almost no time, Veritas has become a substantial international business, employing hundreds of translators and interpreters world-wide, with customers including the BBC, the NHS and FIFA.

Sharon says: “If it wasn’t for Swansea University and the Modern Languages Department, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  We are up for a number of National Awards and helping business, utilising the skills attained during our time at Swansea University.  If we had not been able to carry out our degrees  then many businesses would not be trading internationally as they are today and of course with our help and expertise by their side.  The impact we are having on businesses is incredible – thanks to the training and help of Swansea University.”

Veritas is an outstanding example of successful entrepreneurship in our graduates, contributing to the success of the Welsh economy in a global business environment.

Sharon studied Italian and Spanish; Rachel studied Italian and Russian. They now play a leading role in the Translation Work Experience module, offered to final-year BA Translation students and students taking the MA in Translation with Language Technology. Helping students bridge the gap between academic study and employment, the Veritas founders give lectures on the language industry, mentor the managers of our students’ translation companies, offer internships to the best students, and to the very best – jobs.

Our congratulations to Sharon and Rachel on reaching the national final of the HSBC Start-up Stars Awards. We wish you every success!

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